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While creating this work, I witnessed my own personal journey to discover a new environment – a new future. At the beginning of the mural, I am standing alone in my present-day community, looking up toward this new future. The Caribbean, and all of the Americas, is a rich melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions. My vision, manifested at the end of the mural on the second floor, is of a community united in understanding, identity, knowledge, equality, and energy. This mural is quite simply an aspiration and a wish to feel at home within a community that shares a common sense of equality, thought, and harmony.

Location : Inter America Development Bank 

Headquarters, Washington DC

photo credit: Sergio Gonzalez

"Compendious ( 2019) is about self discover, I am removing the landscape and focusing on the beings, which makes me feel as ease, as if I am not shouting " I am from the Caribbean!" I am  curious about what happens when you remove the landscape. It feels as though landscape indicates a cultural identity. I believe it can become distracting, understanding where figures are located and where they are from. How do they relate to the space? What is the connection to the space? Dopes this space exist?

I hope in the future that I do not have to always show that I am from the Caribbean. I want to remove the cliche and stereotypes from the figures, therefore removing the space around them and making it neutral. The hair and strange devices are connected to them, because I see them as special creatures and I feel as though the Caribbean is a very interesting, magical place. I am tired of this cliche that defines who we are. The Caribbean is full of layers and complexity, but the figure itself is complex as well.



Acrylic on Dry Wall

9 Feet x 15 Feet


Location: Perez Art Museum Miami

Copyright 2018  by Sheena Rose

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